Alexela Logistics AS

is a holding company for a group consisting of transit
terminals. We provide versatile logistics solutions to
our clients in handling oil products in various ports 
of Northern Europe.

We would like to announce that AS Alexela Logistics (registry code 11279011), Aktsiaselts Alexela Terminal (registry code 10392389) and Aktsiaselts Alexela Sillamäe (registry code 11353606) have on 10.03.2020 concluded a merger agreement. The merger agreement is available here.

About Alexela

We are technically competent to handle oil and all oil products from fuel
oil to petrochemicals and LPG. Our main services include the handling
of railway logistics, storage of goods and value-adding services in
terminals with various customs regulations. Safety and environmental
protection are among our core values.

The group’s terminals operate a tankfarm of approx. 1 000 000 cubic metres,
which lets us handle up to 15 000 000 tons of oil products per year. The
company’s information systems guarantee secure and transparent
information for the client as well as control over the movement, amount
and quality of goods. It has been our practice to develop our business
processes and technical capabilites according to the needs of our clients.
We are on hand to evolve alongside our clients.